We accept payment by credit or debit card for VISA, MasterCard, and Discover cards.
  To pay by phone:  call us at 618-563-4393 or toll free at 1-800-866-5668 with credit or debit card information during our office hours of 7:30am to 4:00pm Monday through Friday.


10-Day Cash Discount:  All customers paying for their LP on delivery or within 10-days of delivery may take a 4-cent per gallon    “cash” discount (unless the customer has requested less than 250-gallon delivery).  If gas is charged at the time of delivery, the discount amount will be indicated on the gas invoice.

Credit Purchases:  Customers for whom credit has been approved may charge their fuel for 30-days without a service charge; after 30-days there will be a service charge of 2% per month (24% per year).  However, our credit limit is one delivery at a time; the previous delivery must be paid in full before a new LP delivery will be made.

Regular Route Deliveries:  Customers whom have established credit may be kept full on a regular route if they wish.  Routing is based on individual usage and on weather conditions.  Route customers whose accounts are clear will be automatically put on our gas delivery list for filling at the proper time.  NOTE:  Deliveries will not be made to customers whose accounts are not clear, until such time that the account is paid, even though they are route customers; therefore it is important that accounts be paid as timely as possible so that we will be able to provide LP delivery at the proper time.  (Please contact our office for further information).

”Will Call” Deliveries:  Customers who prefer to call us for their fuel deliveries, C.O.D. customers, and route customers with past due accounts need to call our office and make arrangements for delivery when their tank has no less than 20% fuel remaining, or at least 24-hours before delivery is needed (48-hours in winter months) to ensure that the customer will receive the fuel before running out.  NOTE:  If arrangements have been made for payment on delivery for C.O.D.’s or past due bills, and the customer fails to have payment available for pickup by the driver, the gas will not be delivered, and there will be a $35 Return Trip charge to get delivery. 

Budget Plan:   All customers who have a good credit standing and whose fuel consumption can be determined for the past year are eligible to pay by budget plan if they wish.  Our budget year begins in July and runs for 11-months from July to May (June is catch-up month if needed).  Budget customers are filled by regular route and coupon books are provided for ease of tracking payments. To sign up for a budget year, please contact our office before the end of May.

Minimum Deliveries:  To 500 gallon tanks or larger our minimum delivery is 250 gallons with deliveries requested under 250 gallons upcharged to a higher price per gallon and the 10-day cash discount will not apply.  Please check with our office for prices.  Deliveries under 150 gallons will not be made to tanks of 500 gallons or larger.  To tanks smaller than 500 gallons we will fill the tank to capacity at regular current price and the 10-day cash discount terms will apply.

Special Deliveries  & Service Charges:  All returned checks are subject to a $25 Service Charge.  “Will Call” and C.O.D. customers, (and Route Delivery customers with past due accounts) who call in for LP and need the fuel delivered the same working day or on the weekend will be charged a $75 Delivery Fee payable upon delivery.  Any Special Delivery customer who is completely out of gas and whose pilots are out will be charged a $100 Service Fee to restore service during normal business hours and a $125 Service Fee after hours and on weekends.  As per National Fire Code mandates,  our driver or service technician must check and re-light applicances according to industry safety procedures. An out-of-gas customer would therefore need to be there at the time of delivery.  We recommend routine monitoring of your tank to avoid running out.



  Gas Lines:  All gas lines are customer owned.  Customers will be charged for the maintenance and repair of gas lines.

Company Owned Tanks:   Wabash Valley Heat & Gas tanks leased by our customers will be maintained at no additional cost to our customer.  This includes maintenance of the tank, its fittings, and gas pressure regulator.

Customer Owned Tanks:  Customers will be charged only for any necessary maintenance or repairs performed by Wabash Valley Heat & Gas, with the exception of tank painting,  which we do without charge.

Changes in Customer’s LP System:  If any changes are made in the customer’s LP gas system at any time by someone other than our service technician, (such as installing or removing an appliance, repairing valves, replacing or moving lines, etc.) we request immediate notification so that the required safety check can be made before the system is put back into service.  This is necessary for your safety!

If You Move:  Any customer whom leases our company tank and moves from the residence should contact our office at once.  If there is LP in the tank, the value of that gas will be either refunded or credited to the customer accordingly.  For safety purposes, we also need to be notified should any LP applicances be moved out as well.

Maintenance of Premises:  It is the customer’s responsibility to maintain his or her premises in a fashion that allows our delivery truck reasonable access to the LP storage tank.  If access if not maintained, our company will not be responsible for any damages resulting from failure to deliver LP at the premises, or for any damages to property by our vehicles which result from lack of maintenance of those premises.


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