Propane, called Liquefied Petroleum Gas (LPG, or LP Gas), is a liquid fuel stored under pressure. Safe for both indoor and outdoor use, propane is an economical, clean-burning, and non-toxic  fuel with the versalitility of many convenient uses:




• Grain Dryers

• Forklifts

• Furnaces

• Greenhouses

• Generators

• Fireplaces

• Irrigation

• Temporary Heat/Construction

• Cook Stoves

• Weed Control

• Vehicles

• Water Heaters



• BBQ Grills



• RV’s


Several sizes of propane cylinders and tanks are used according to propane utilization and needs.
We refill customer-owned cylinders and lease storage tanks.  Please call our office for current
cylinder refill prices or for annual tank lease rate information.



Due to the wide ranges of propane use, or when used for a combination of applications, tank size needs vary.  Our staff can assist when determining which size best meets your needs.

TANKS:                   (80% fill capacity)

  20 lb.

  120 gallon         (100 gallon capacity)

  30 lb.

  150 gallon         (120 gallon capacity)

  33 lb.

  250 gallon         (200 gallon capacity)

  40 lb.

  325 gallon         (240 gallon capacity)

  43 lb.

  500 gallon         (400 gallon capacity)

  60 lb.

1000 gallon         (800 gallon capacity)

100 lb.


Propane 101 - Clean Fuel...Clearly Explained


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